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Farm Credit Mid-America 2024 Board of Directors and Nominating Committee Elections are now closed. Click here for election information

Arkansas/Missouri Nominating Committee Election

Candidates running to join the Nominating Committee in Arkansas/Missouri in 2024.

John Norman Bryant

West Helena

Bryant is a full-time farmer of 2,100 acres. He previously served as President and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Helena Country Club. Bryant is a volunteer firefighter with the Helena-West Helena Fire Department.

Edward Clarke IV


Clarke is a full-time farmer on his family operation raising corn, soybeans and wheat on 1,000 owned and 3,300 leased acres.

Mark Coleman


Coleman owns and operates Mark Coleman Farms with his father. He has a row crop operation raising rice, corn and soybeans on 2,000 leased acres. He also owns and operates Coleman Custom Spraying offering herbicide and pesticide applications. Mark is President and previously Vice President of the Clay County Farm Bureau. He also served as the Clay County Extension Chair for the Rice and Soybeans Committee. He has served on the Farm Credit Mid-America Nominating Committee.

Todd Edwards


Edwards is a full-time farmer raising cotton on 3,180 acres and peanuts on 730 acres. He has been farming for 28 years. Edwards is a graduate of Arkansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business.

Spence Held


Held is a full-time farmer raising rice and soybeans on 5,500 leased acres. He has worked for 7 years in the seed chemical fertilizer business and has farmed for 14 years. Held serves on the Board of Directors of his local Farm Bureau and the local FSA Board.

Tanner Huckabay


Huckabay is a full-time farmer raising rice, soybeans and corn on 200 owned and 5,100 leased acres with his father and two brothers. He serves as Deacon at Central Baptist Paragould.

James Kemmer


Kemmer is a full-time farmer raising rice, soybeans, corn and wheat on 75 owned and 1,125 leased acres. He farms alongside his father and brother on three separate farms totaling 3,500 acres. Kemmer serves on the Board of Directors of the Phillips County Farm Bureau and is a Director of the Phillips County Conservation District. He also serves as Deacon at First Baptist Church in Marvell, Arkansas.

Nathan Pribble


Pribble raises rice, corn, and soybeans on 3,100 acres. He is the co-owner of Pribble Truck and Equipment, co-owner of Pribble Farm Partnership and owner of Nathan Pribble Farms, LLC. He has his commercial multi-engine pilots license and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Paul Schwarz


Schwarz has farmed full-time for the past 17 years and currently raises rice and soybeans on 640 owned and 2,200 leased acres. He serves as Vice President of St. Anthony’s Parish Council. Schwarz is a member of the Poinsett County Farm Bureau. He is a current member of the Brushy Creek Drainage District.

Chris Wood

Hickory Ridge

Wood has farmed for 27 years and is a full-time farmer raising rice and soybeans on 315 owned and 2,885 leased acres. He previously served on the Farm Credit Midsouth Nominating Committee. Wood currently serves as a director for his local Farm Bureau and the Tilton Methodist Church.