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Woman planting along a drip line.

Strengthening Communities

Supporting programs that invigorate rural communities and the agricultural industry.

Man carrying basket of peppers.

Stronger communities strengthen us all.

We live in the communities that we serve and want to see them flourish. We are proud to support programs that invigorate rural communities and the agricultural industry.

We work to strengthen our communities through:

  • Investments
  • Volunteerism
  • Programs that support personal development and economic growth

Our Commitment to Community

Fresh produce on table.

Partnering in Our Communities

Connect with industry partners to strengthen markets and provide educational and networking opportunities to agriculturalists.

Man smiling.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Support food banks and organizations in our communities that provide much needed support through contributions and volunteerism.

Group of college students.

Investing in Innovation

Provide funding to organizations innovating the agriculture industry.

Investing in our Communities

510,000 Food Bank Meals

Supplemented in 2022

$1.07 Million

Contributed to the Farms to Food Banks program since 2015

TJ Jamerson

Investing and building partnerships with organizations such as Dare to Care provides us a unique opportunity to expand on our mission of securing rural communities and agriculture, by being a good corporate citizen in the areas in which we work and serve. 

Learn more about our approach to community investments and how together we can create a brighter future for agriculture.

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